Texas road safety crackdown hits road, pedestrian-only areas

Lubbock, Texas — Texas has implemented a crackdown on distracted driving and pedestrian-friendly pedestrian areas in some major cities, including Lubbocks.

The state is issuing tickets to motorists who ignore traffic signals or pedestrians while distracted and then driving on sidewalks.

It’s the latest effort to clamp down on the city’s growing pedestrian population.

“It’s a real issue, and it has real potential to increase pedestrian fatalities, as it’s a very, very small number of pedestrians,” Lubbos City Councilman John McManus said.

“We’ve seen this before, it’s the same type of situation we’re going to see again, with this new technology.

So, we’ll see if we can get these changes enacted.”

The city will begin issuing tickets in the first week of February, said the City of Lubbies spokeswoman.

It will then be suspended for a week, and then reissued for another week.

It also will have to abide by a new law to prevent distracted driving.

The new law also includes measures aimed at reducing pedestrian injuries and deaths, according to the city.

McManus, who represents Lubbocas northern district, said he’s concerned that many drivers will use their cellphones while driving.

He said he also has a personal stake in seeing this law enforced.

“My daughter is in college right now, and she’s very distracted.

She’s not paying attention to traffic signals, or pedestrians,” McManuses said.

“It’s an important safety issue.

So I think there’s an argument to be made that if you’re distracted and driving, it could potentially put your child in the road.”

McManuses district includes parts of Lufkin, San Marcos and Lubbones city limits.

He’s also on the Texas Highway Patrol’s Lubback Task Force.

In Lubbicks city of Lobo, the city council voted in October to ban texting and driving and make pedestrians walk on the sidewalks.

The city also added pedestrian safety signs to some intersections.

The signs were put in place because the city didn’t have sidewalks for pedestrians, the mayor said.