What to know about the tire safety rules that affect how much money you can save on your insurance coverage

If you have a vehicle with a tire that has to be replaced because of damage, then you may need to think about whether you can use your coverage for the tire repair.

Here are the basics: The minimum required replacement rate is $20 per tire, with the difference between the price of the new tires and the price you paid for the old tires considered deductible.

That means if you paid $100 for a new tire, you could deduct $20 of that from your coverage.

If you paid the same amount for a different tire, then the difference in price between the new and old tires is considered deductible, too.

But the difference isn’t always the same.

A new tire is more expensive because it’s more durable.

The more durable a tire is, the more you can deduct for that.

A replacement tire that’s not as durable is considered a new product, so you can claim that back up.

The only rule about tire replacement that applies to the two types of tires that you buy is that the new tire must be at least 10 years old.

For example, a new rubber tire is a new car tire, but if it’s 10 years older than the one you bought, it’s not a new vehicle tire.

That’s because the vehicle you’re replacing the tires on is a vehicle that’s only 10 years out of date.

To find out if your insurance covers the replacement cost of a new or used tire, call the roadside assistance hotline at 1-800-527-7777 or go to your local AAA office.

To get the most out of the roadside assist service, remember to always check your insurance rates regularly to see if they are up to date.

If your vehicle has more than two tires on the road, you can call 1-888-327-2775 to report the loss of a tire, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If it’s a vehicle or a trailer, the tow truck can also tow the tire, the NHTSA says.

The number for your insurance provider is 1-877-327/7 (1-877)-327-4357.

You can also check the cost of replacing a tire online.