Volvo offers roadside assistance to US motorists after fatal crash

Volvo has offered roadside assistance in the US following a fatal crash in Kansas.

Volvo has been providing roadside assistance since October and the company says it has seen an increase in demand since the crash.

Volvo says it will offer free roadside assistance services to all drivers who were involved in the crash and have not been issued a ticket.

Volkswagen said it had seen a “significantly increased demand” for its roadside assistance programs, which are designed to help motorists recover their vehicles.

Volvos roadside assistance is available in California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.

Volts customer service team is set up to help customers with any issues.

Volvols customer service department has a dedicated hotline and is staffed by trained drivers.

Volvocas website says drivers should contact the customer service line if they experience any problems.

The company also says it is committed to providing all vehicles owners with roadside assistance and has made it a priority to provide all of its customers with roadside services.

Volva also says drivers have the option of contacting a local tow truck for an extra charge.

Volvan owner, Mark Ritter, says he is grateful to Volvo for offering roadside assistance.

“I’m so thankful Volvo is providing roadside service.

It’s an extra cost that I can take out of my pocket to help somebody in need.

We are all hurting in this world and I’m thankful for the help Volvo is giving me,” Mr Ritter said.

Volvik has been offering roadside services since the start of 2018 and the firm says it sees an increase of demand after the crash in Missouri.

Volvingas sales were down by almost two-thirds from the previous year.

The firm has also recently made changes to its service plans.

It has offered customers a free three-month trial for its Roadside Assistance service.

It also now offers an online service that allows customers to call for roadside assistance 24 hours a day.

Volvel said that drivers should not call for assistance if they have been involved in a crash.

“You have to be at fault,” it said in a statement.

“If a driver is at fault in a collision, he/she has a responsibility to report the accident to the police immediately.

Volves service plans have also been updated to include the option to cancel service for any reason.