This truck driver has his job after a fire that ripped through his truck

An Arizona truck driver whose life has been turned upside down after a deadly wildfire swept through his business has been honored with a $2.8 million reward for his tireless work.

Amber Jarrell, 33, said Tuesday she is pleased with the reward she received after a wildfire swept her business and saved more than 1,000 homes and businesses in southwest Arizona.

She said she had a vision to create a business that would provide safe and secure transportation for drivers.

She said her truck had a fire safety system, which was lost during the wildfire.

She told ABC News that while she is proud of what she has done, she is thankful for the support she has received from those who have worked with her.

Jarrell said she has been overwhelmed by the support and appreciation for her business from drivers.

She thanked the local, state and federal government for all their assistance in evacuating her home and the millions of dollars donated to help with wildfire damage.

The reward is one of the largest in the state’s history.

The Arizona Department of Transportation awarded the reward for her tireless efforts after an April 25 fire swept through Jarrell’s business, which also includes a gas station and a restaurant.

The blaze forced Jarrell and her employees to flee their homes, which she estimated at 150 houses.

She called the fire a blessing.

The fire destroyed more than a half-dozen homes, according to a statement from the state Department of Public Safety.

The fire also damaged several businesses, including a pizza parlor, a barber shop and a liquor store.

Jarnell said her home has since been rebuilt and she has returned to work, which has been a challenge.

She’s working as a truck driver and has had to put a huge amount of work into her business, but the goal is to have a new truck by Christmas, she said.

Jrell said she’s been working on getting her new truck ready for a long time.

She has learned the ins and outs of trucking, and has a knack for getting out of the truck and into the truck bed.

She’s also learning to drive on her own.