‘Mystery man’ who stole $400K from Independents in Indy may be a millionaire

“I got a little nervous that day and I just wanted to get a check,” he said.

“I told the guy, ‘I want to give you money so you can have some stability, you can get a car and you can start paying off your debt.'”

The man agreed to the loan, and the pair started living together, using money from their savings to buy their first home in the suburbs of Indianapolis, he said, which was located in a small city on the edge of the state.

The couple moved in about two years ago and now they have a large home in a neighborhood in the city that has a large Hispanic population.

“We have a great relationship, we live next door to each other, and we have a lot of great memories,” the man said.

The man and the woman have since become a couple and have been able to afford their mortgage and insurance.

The money is being held by a trust for a couple of years and will be used for child care and other expenses, the man added.

He said the man has not yet seen the check he wrote.

The woman has not responded to requests for comment.

The case has sparked widespread criticism on social media and online forums, with people expressing their concerns about the legality of the loan and how the money was being used.

The Indy Star published a story about the case last week and the man and woman have been featured in several news outlets.

The newspaper has also reported on the case in several segments.