How to get around in the United States with Zipcar’s GPS service

Preparing to navigate the unfamiliar territory of the United State is an important responsibility for drivers of all ages.

To get around safely, it’s vital to know what roads have a turn signal and where there are intersections.

Luckily, there’s a Google Maps service that makes it easy to find the nearest intersection.

You’ll find it in the navigation settings menu.

To access the service, tap the + icon at the top of the map.

If you’re using a mobile device, tap “Go.”

When you’re ready, tap Get directions.

The navigation bar will expand to show all of the relevant points along your route.

To find the intersection, tap on the red marker on the top right of the screen.

In the center of the marker, tap a yellow cross.

This will be your destination intersection.

Next, tap Next.

On the map, the arrow should change to show a green line.

Tap the yellow arrow.

At this point, the Google Maps directions will automatically display your route and let you know where you’re going.

If there’s any confusion about where you are or what to do, tap Help.

The service will then help you find your way around by showing you how to turn around, slow down, and change lanes.

This service can be very helpful in situations where you need to make a turn, stop, or avoid an intersection.

It will also help you avoid problems when you’re on the move.

To stop the navigation, tap Stop navigation.

This is a great way to avoid confusing people on the road.

It also provides a quick way to check if you have the turn signal or not.

When the navigation bar is open, tap Go again to return to the main menu.