How to find and get a Toyota roadside assistance ticket for your jeep

A Toyota roadside help ticket can be a costly nightmare, and a car can be left stranded for days without power or water.

If you need help, it can be hard to know what to do. 

If you have any questions about this, please contact our dedicated team. 

Trouble finding a Toyota help ticket for a Jeep Wrangler? 

We’ll be in touch. 

What if my jeep is on its own? 

If your jeppo has been stranded in the woods or a field, you may want to call the local police. 

How can I find out what is happening in the jeep? 

You can check on your jeeps status using our GPS app, our Mobile Help Center and our local information portal, the Jeeps Roadside Assistance website or call the Toyota Hotline at 1-800-527-2222. 

When you get a jeep towed, you should contact the nearest tow truck to get the vehicle’s vehicle identification number (VIN). 

If it is a Jeep, you’ll want to have your VIN ready.

If it is not a Jeep but is a different model, you can use our vehicle identification system to get your VIR number. 

Where can I get help if I am stranded? 

The nearest tow company will be happy to provide a roadside assistance service, but the local Police and Fire Departments may not be able to provide the same service. 

The local police will also need to provide assistance in some cases, but this is an individual matter for each department. 

In some situations, the local fire department may be able help, but it is up to each department to decide how they wish to assist in this situation. 

Who can I call if I have questions? 

Contact our dedicated staff at 1-(800)-527–2222 and a trained professional will be able answer your questions. 

Do I need a car? 

In most cases, a jeeps VIN is required.

But some people may need a second VIN.

In these cases, we recommend that you contact your local police department and make sure they have the right vehicle for you. 

Should I go to the police station and ask for a VIN? 

When a car is towed, the VIN may be lost or damaged.

In this situation, we suggest you go to your local Police Station and ask them for a copy of your VIC (vehicle identification number). 

What is a car VIN, and how do I use it? 

A car VIC is an identification number that allows you to check your vehicle status on the vehicle and in the system. 

Vehicles have two VICs: one for your vehicle and one for the system that allows the system to know how long your vehicle has been on the road. 

A VIC number is used to check if your vehicle is being towed or is in the same area.

If a vehicle is still in the tow zone, you will need to call a tow truck and have it put your vehicle into a tow vehicle. 

Is there a way to find out if a vehicle has a VIC? 

There are two ways to find your VICT (vehicular identification number) on a vehicle: 1.

Your VIC will be located on the back of the car. 


You will need the car to be parked in the parking lot, on the shoulder of the road or on the side of the highway. 

Which car VICT should I use? 

Both of these methods have different benefits, so it is important to make an informed decision on which is best for you and your situation.

Do I have to have a VICT? 

Yes, a Vict is required to request a tow. 

Does a VIR have to be attached? 

No, a single VIR is not required. 

Can I have a second phone number if my first phone number has been disconnected? 

To check if you have a separate phone number, call the nearest police station. 

I have a question about how to get help, how to write a report and what to bring to court. 

We encourage you to contact our team.