Why it’s important for children to be on the road

Children under the age of 12 can now take the National Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle (NHSMV) roadside assistance service to make sure they have the tools they need when travelling in rural areas, in a move the Government is urging drivers to adopt.

It is the first time the Government has mandated the roadside assistance of young drivers, but it is a significant step towards addressing the widespread safety issues in rural communities.

“We have always believed that kids should be on their own when they’re travelling.

They should be riding in a car, driving a motorcycle or just riding a bike,” Prime Minister Peter Dunne said.

NHSMs are a free and confidential roadside assistance scheme that allows parents to get their children out and about safely.

Under the scheme, parents are required to arrange for a licensed motorist to take the children to a local roadside assistance station.

The station is usually located on a rural highway and the driver is responsible for providing the child with all of the equipment needed to safely travel the road.

Drivers are also responsible for making sure the child is not injured when they hit a vehicle or other road hazard, and the person who has been given the child can be identified.

This includes ensuring that the child doesn’t get stuck in the roadside and is in a safe position.

Anyone can sign up to take part in the scheme and the Government will work with them to identify the drivers that are most qualified.

A new National Road Safety Network is also underway to improve road safety across rural Australia.

Since the scheme was introduced, more than 1.4 million young people have used it to travel to and from school, work, or to get to the doctor, according to the Government.

Road Safety Minister Shane Rattenbury said he wanted to make it easier for young people to travel safely and safely access the roads.

He said the Government wanted to see road safety improve for all young people and that it would include a new national road safety network.

Mr Rattenberry said he hoped the scheme would help young people get to and work, but he was not ruling out the option of changing the way young people travel.

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