Which companies are best equipped to help drivers recover from car crashes?

The United States has the world’s largest car fleet, and nearly all Americans own a vehicle.

That means it’s no surprise that many people who have been hurt in a car crash or killed in a collision will be in need of roadside assistance.

But what if you don’t have the money for a tow truck?

What’s a tow company and how do you make a living?

Read moreWhat if you have a bad car, and the tow truck company is not equipped to take your car?

What if the vehicle you need to get to your accident scene is lost or stolen?

What are the different types of tow companies in the U.S.?

What do car insurance companies and tow truck companies think about car insurance?

Read MoreThe answer to all of these questions is simple: it depends.

While tow trucks and companies often offer the most affordable, efficient and reliable solutions for the most basic of car needs, there are some more specialized companies out there that can provide the best value for your money.

We took a look at the top tow companies, their competitors and what types of cars can be towed by them to find the best, cheapest and safest way to get you to your next crash.

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