When you’re a stranger and you can’t get home… you’ll be stranded

Njm Road Assistants is a group of dedicated people who help out in New Jersey’s coastal towns with the most extreme weather.

A local radio station recently shared a story about one of their volunteers, who was unable to get home after getting lost in a storm in the Catskills and ended up in the Njmba.

“I just don’t know what to do anymore,” she told the station.

The volunteers take the time to explain the road conditions and give tips on how to navigate the roads safely.

But it can be hard to find a place to stay when the weather is bad.

One volunteer even tried to rent a room at a hotel, but was told they could only stay at one hotel and only stay for a few nights.

She has since decided to stay in a motel, but said the road is not always safe.

“[It’s] the first thing that’s crossed my mind when I’m going through the process of finding a place for a night,” she said.

So, the NjoM Road Assistant team started their own group, where they’ll help the locals in the same way.

They’ve had some success so far, but they’re still in need of volunteers.

We need your help to get us through this rough time of the year.