The best road trips in the world

Jalopnik staff article A decade ago, the idea of going to a road trip might seem crazy.

Now, it’s commonplace.

Here are some of the best road trip destinations in the United States, and where to find them.

Jalopek has compiled a list of the top 10 most road trip-worthy destinations in America.1.

Klamath Falls, OregonThe most famous road trip destination in the US is Klamathan Falls, one of the most spectacular and iconic places in Oregon.

This is where Oregon State University students would gather to relax, enjoy the scenery, and soak up the sunshine.

You can get there by the lake, or by boat.2.

Kincora, OregonIf you’ve been to the U.S., you probably remember Kincoras famous kinko’s.

Now you can get a taste of the country in the form of a visit to Kincoras legendary Kinko Factory.


The Klamakans, KansasThis is a great place to start your road trip if you’re looking to explore some of these more remote areas.

Kallan National Forest is a short drive away, and you can explore it from a local road trip vehicle.4.

Kofuku, JapanThe Kofukus are a small, beautiful village that’s been around for over 600 years.

Its a place where you can have a cup of tea and listen to music while watching the sunset.5.

Mount Hood, OregonYou’ll be surprised to learn that Mount Hood has some of our best road biking in the country.

If you’ve ever visited Mount Hood National Forest, you’ll see why.

The views from the top of the mountains are outstanding, and it’s a great spot for camping.6.

Big Bend National ParkIn the middle of Texas, you can easily find Big Bend, which is a place you’ll want to visit.

Big Bison National Park is a beautiful spot that offers many camping options.7.

Cascades National ParkIf you’re on a short hike, you might not be able to get your eyes on the famous cascades, but you can still visit them and experience the incredible views from atop the mountain.8.

Kittery, OregonAnother famous roadtrip destination in Oregon is Kitterys famous Kinkos.

Kinkoes are where you would enjoy a cup in the morning or take a dip in the lake.


Pecos, WashingtonThe Kitteries famous kool-aid stands are still in operation.

But if you’ve never been to Pecoes, you have to give it a shot.

You might be surprised by the number of places you can go to enjoy this place.10.

Yosemite National ParkYou can spend your roadtrip days on the edge of nature with this popular hiking destination.

You’ll enjoy hiking the popular Big Bear Trail, and take a stroll through the spectacular Yosemite Valley.