How to use a roadside assistance phone call to find your missing loved one

A woman who lost her boyfriend in the floods in Texas said she found a cellphone that could help her locate him on a highway.

Amber Wawanesha told CNN’s “State of the Union” that she found the phone in a parking lot of a Walmart on Interstate 45 in Wawano County after a friend reported seeing it parked there.

Wawansa said she was driving the vehicle.

The phone was in the back seat.

She said she turned on the radio to check on the caller and found a local station reporting the body of the man had been found.

Wawanesas father was found dead on his front porch and she said she had a hunch that someone had taken his body.

She said she called 911 and said that if someone answered she could see the phone and call 911.

She called a friend who was a dispatcher on the 911 system and she got a voice mail that she had just gotten.

Wawsa said her father had been a construction worker.