How to save money on car repairs with roadside assistance

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles is urging drivers to consider roadside assistance as part of their auto insurance policy, the agency announced Tuesday.

“In this day and age, it is essential to know when you are eligible for roadside assistance, and when to ask for it,” said Secretary of Motor Vehicle Travis Geathers in a news release.

“We believe this information is important and helpful to motorists, especially for people who are struggling to make ends meet.

It can help you make a choice between paying a bit more or paying more than you would have for your car.”

The state’s new policy comes after the state’s Consumer Protection Division launched a campaign to inform motorists of the new rules and their eligibility.

Drivers must first go to a DMV office and submit a completed application for assistance with the cost of repairs.

The agency said that drivers may be eligible for up to $1,000 of assistance, up to 20% of the cost for a single repair, or up to 80% of an annual fee.

Driving assistance is available at gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants.

The agency also said that motorists must first visit a DMV roadside assistance office, complete a roadside assistance application, and pay the necessary charges to receive the assistance.

A DMV spokesperson told Bloomberg News that there are currently about 200,000 auto repairs in California and that they are currently processing about 200 applications per day.

The California Department of Transportation said that the new policy will be rolled out statewide on July 31.