How to help pete in the wild

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Here are some tips to keep your pet’s health at bay.


Put a collar on your pet: Some owners find that putting a collar around their cat’s neck and on their lap makes them more comfortable.

A collar is an inexpensive way to keep them warm, even when they’re not feeling well.

But if they’re too sick to wear a collar, try putting it on the floor or behind a cupboard.

It’s also good to put them in a car seat, as that will make it easier for them to stay warm.


Teach your cat to sit: The cat is an incredibly social animal, and some owners are able to teach their cat to eat, drink and do other tricks to keep their paws warm.

Try teaching your cat how to sit on the front of your car.


Teach it to hunt: If you’re not sure whether your cat is a hunter or not, it’s best to give your cat a few shots of a tranquiliser before you start putting him to sleep.

If your cat has been vaccinated against rabies, make sure it’s on the rabies vaccine before you take it home.


Give it a bath: If your pet is in the bathroom, you can offer it a quick bath in your bathtub before you put it to sleep in your own home.

This is especially helpful for cats that are a bit cold and prone to cold-related respiratory problems.


Teach them to run: Cats need exercise to keep themselves warm.

It might sound like a bit of a big deal to some people, but a cat that gets enough exercise can actually be happier.

Start with your cat’s favourite activity, like going for a run or playing fetch.

If you haven’t already done this, it can be a great way to warm up a pet.


Make sure your cat doesn’t get sick: If an infection has spread from your cat, it may be best to quarantine your cat before putting him back to sleep or even letting your cat sleep on the ground.


Check on your cat daily: You may be able to check on your cats health and wellbeing using the Aussie Veterinary Network (AVN).

The AVN is an Australian charity that helps cats and kittens.

They also run cat shows in Victoria and Queensland.


Don’t leave your cat in the street: Some people think it’s okay to leave your pet outside, as long as they are wearing a collar.

However, many people think that putting your cat outside means your pet has to have a collar and is in danger of getting sick.

Cats are not all alike and there’s nothing wrong with wearing a collars or harness to protect your pet.


Teach a cat to climb a tree: If it’s possible for your cat not to be able climb a branch, it is best to keep it in your home for the time being.

Cats climb trees because it’s the only way for them access food and shelter.

You may need to put your cat somewhere where it won’t be attacked by other cats or dogs.


Teach an older cat to play: If the cat is too young, teach it to play with a toy or to fetch food.

This can help your cat develop a better sense of independence.

Some owners also like to give their older cats a break from running, which will help them to get used to being indoors.


Teach the cat how not to get sick in the house: The AVS is a network of Australian vets and cat owners that offer advice and information on caring for cats.

If it sounds like a lot, there are some steps you can take to help your pet stay healthy and well-adjusted in your house.

If the AVS has helped you with your problem, you’ll find the AVN online here.