Drivers of $20M Jeep Wrangler have been charged with DUI


— Drivers of a $20 million Jeep Wranglers SUV have been arrested on DUI charges after a Miami-Dade Police officer noticed that they were not wearing seat belts.

Police said the SUV was traveling on the westbound side of Interstate 4 when a trooper noticed a light in the rear of the vehicle.

The trooper tried to pull the SUV over, but a vehicle with a driver with a medical emergency was waiting in the road.

A Miami-dade officer noticed the SUV’s headlights flashing in the back, police said.

“The officer attempted to pull over the vehicle, but the driver was still in the roadway,” police said in a statement.

The trooper noticed that the SUV appeared to have no seat belts and attempted to use his lights to check the driver’s license, but they were still visible.

Officers pulled over the SUV to try and determine if there was any impairment, but there was no visible impairment.

After checking the driver, the officer noticed he was drunk.

At that time, the SUV continued to travel westbound on the interstate, according to police.

Miami-Dades Lt.


Michael Daley said that the Jeep Wrangs owner was being charged with reckless driving.

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