What is Jaguar’s latest SUV?

It has long been seen as a flagship model for the global auto industry.

It was unveiled last month at the Geneva Motor Show and will be priced at around $70,000 US, about £49,000, making it the cheapest Jaguar in the segment. 

Jaguar says the car will be “the best on the market”, adding that it will offer “great value” to buyers. 

The J-Sport concept is a hybrid crossover which has been based on the popular Kuga SUV, the same model introduced last year. 

This car was shown at the 2013 Paris Auto Show and was shown in a few of the pictures of the new J-Sport concept. 

As part of the Paris event, Jaguar has announced that it has received a license to produce the J-Sports in the United States, with production set to begin in 2019. 

However, as the car is yet to be unveiled, it is still unclear when production of the car might begin in the US. 

There are rumours of a possible 2019 debut in California, but no details have been confirmed by the US automaker. 

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