How to get a roadside assistance call from Nashville

Aarp is one of the few companies that offers roadside assistance in Nashville.

Aarp has over 300 locations around the state, but they offer most of their service at night, which is one reason they’re so popular.

According to Aarp, the goal of the program is to get you home safely after a night of partying.

It also offers free gas and water, and a full array of roadside assistance options, from calling an ambulance to offering rides.

They’ve also added some new features, like texting messages to one another when you’re in trouble.

To get your Aarp roadside help, you can text: AARP: 613-974-4100.

The company is also accepting donations for its road assistance program, which has raised more than $3 million in the past two years.

The Tennessee State Highway Patrol has also started accepting donations.

Here are the top 5 reasons to use Aarp for roadside assistance.