How the government is forcing gas stations to install GPS locators at their locations

Gas stations across the United States are now required to install a GPS locator on every pump, and are also being told that if they don’t, they will be fined.

This new requirement was announced on Tuesday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which said that gas stations that do not comply with the GPS locater requirement will be forced to charge a fee of up to $1,500.

This fee is intended to fund road safety programs and other safety improvements in the communities where gas stations are located.

In the United Kingdom, the same mandate is being imposed on stations, as well.

In addition, NHTSA said that all gas stations across this country will be required to post a sign on the front of the pump that says, “If you don’t have GPS locaters, you will be liable for a $1.00 fee.”

The NHTS also said that if a station does not comply, it will be able to ask the owner to remove the GPS device from the pump and “send a letter of complaint to the agency and the appropriate local law enforcement authorities.”

This requirement will apply to all gas pumps across the country.

In fact, the NHTSS also said this was a request made by a gas station owner to comply with GPS locational technology, which has already been deployed in at least seven states.

The mandate was first announced in the UK, where a judge ruled in October that a gas pump in the city of Portsmouth had violated GPS locating requirements and had to pay a fine of $1 million.

In February, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced that it was also investigating the issue of gas stations not complying with GPS locating requirements, but it has not yet reached any conclusions.

This mandate is not new to the United State, as the National Gas Safety Administration has issued similar requirements for gas stations in several states for several years.

The Department of Energy announced in February that it would be imposing a $2.50 fee on gas stations for each gas pump that fails to comply.

This regulation has been criticized as a backdoor attempt to force gas stations into compliance.

In December, the Obama administration proposed new regulations that would force gas station owners to install digital GPS locations on their pumps to improve road safety.

The new regulations would also require the installation of GPS locatons on all pumps that have already been certified to comply by NHTSB.

As part of the proposed regulations, NHAHS has also issued new rules requiring gas stations and other companies that provide assistance to the public to install “road hazard awareness” systems in their gas stations.

This is intended as a means to improve highway safety and help prevent accidents and fires.

The EPA has also released a set of guidelines for installing GPS locatarings on gas pumps.

These guidelines are intended to ensure that the safety of customers and the public is not compromised in the event of a gas leak.

However, the guidelines also say that the installation may not be retrofitted to each gas station unless there is a “near certainty” that the leak will not occur.