How to Get Help if You’re Being Assaulted in Texas

AUSTIN, Texas — If you’re a man who’s been attacked, or a woman who’s felt violated, or you’ve had your life threatened, here are the things you can do to protect yourself.

If you’re the victim of an assault, call the TxDOT TacRoads Assistance hotline.

The toll-free hotline, which can be accessed 24 hours a day, is staffed by trained, licensed Txdot employees.

If you are a victim of a domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking crime, you can call the Texas Commission on Human Rights.

If the assault is a criminal act, you may also call the DPS criminal investigation division.

The criminal investigation unit investigates alleged criminal activity.

Callers may be required to provide information about their home and vehicle, including the date and time of the assault.

The DPS Criminal Investigation Division also conducts physical evidence and interviews witnesses.

If a victim is a law enforcement officer or is the victim’s spouse or partner, you should also call DPS’s Victim Services Unit.

This is a 24-hour resource that is staffed solely by law enforcement officers, including those responding to calls.

The Victim Services unit can provide victims with counseling, help finding housing and transportation, and provide referrals for legal aid.